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Krunal Enterprise is a leading brand in the diamond manufacturing industry. It has reached stupendous success both at the domestic front as well as in international shores.

Krunal Enterprise has moved a long way up from its humble origins at the factory in Surat in Gujarat. This was followed by two sales and corporate offices in Mumbai (Bombay), the commercial capital of India.

Krunal Enterprise is synonymous to quality and excellence and in order to maintain the same, the team has invested in numerous machines like the laser diamond curffing machines which help to enhance the quality of the diamonds delivered. Besides this the two sarin machines which are used to mark and smoothen the diamonds too help to add aesthetic value to the diamonds. Coupled with other diamond polishing tools such as maxi bruters etc the technical team settles for nothing but the best and this is reflected in the state of art ambience and infrastructure which now represents the industry itself.

Thus, infrastructure par excellence and a fervent desire to serve the clients with nothing less than the best is the true symbol of Krunal Enterprise and with this mark firmly in place, the company has captured both domestic and international shores.





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