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"MQ diamonds are a rare find and the person’s who are able to lay their hands on a perfectly crafted stone are considered to be really lucky. Although numerous companies claim to possess excellent quality MQ diamonds there is a great discrepancy between their words and their actual product.

However being the leading manufacturers of the same we are able to provide you with MQ diamonds which are par excellence which will soon be one of your most prized possessions."

Pear shaped diamonds look visually appealing and add a touch of class and elegance. Wear it around your neck in a delicate pendant and see the world get dazzled by the luster and looks.

You can also team it with a pair of matching diamond earrings in the same pears shape. A pear shaped stud adoring the finger too is an apt choice and is ideal for people wishing to flaunt their elegance and class.

No two ladies could bear the thought of dressing identical or even similar to any other woman.These ladies may go to any lengths to enhance their looks or else at times they may indulge in a lot of extensive hunting to get the ideal jewelry and stones which will make people envy you. Thus, with rose cut pears you can be sure that you will get a look which is unique and a style that will really epitomize your entire look and take you to glorious heights in terms of making a style statement.


Diamonds are an epitome of style and elegance. You can use them to unabashedly flaunt your class and wealth. But if you wish to stand apart from all the rest of the diamond dripping masses who are striving to maintain their class then you can try out the rose cut chakri diamonds. These are known for style, beauty and have an unmatched aesthetic feel which will leave the people pinning for the marvelous ornament you have worn.


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